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The Divine Soul Yoga Program

Much more than Yoga, the program is actually a spiritual journey to help people achieve a super-conscious state of mind. It is a place where you can bond with your mind, body, and soul. A place, where you can meditate, practice asana, activates chakras, celebrate Divine Love and Bliss. It is a foundation of good health, success in career and relationships. Isn’t this what we all need to get peace of mind and eternal happiness? The beauty of the program is that it ensures you don’t have to leave or change anything. From a beginner level to an advanced level, ultimately it leads you to a path of leading a happy family. life and helps you achieve whatsoever you want. The program takes you on a mindful journey to discover your own real inner-self and reach the ultimate goal of self-realization which is Samadhi.

Unlocking your healing power with Divine Soul Yoga Programs

Audio-Based Meditation:

An audio-based technique created on the theme The Divine Love by founder Dr. Deepak Mittal in three different languages: English, Hindi, and Punjabi to experience the Self Realization.


Guided Meditation:

These physical meditation sessions are conducted in the lap of nature that helps to improve quality of life, taking individuals to a state of mind where there are no cluttered thoughts but only peace and silence.


Yoga & Yoga Therapy:

Yoga sessions are conducted to help in maintaining a balance between mind and body. It improves the strength and flexibility of the body, boosts concentration and helps in focusing better.


Divine Healing:

A ‘No Touch Therapy’ where various ailments are healed through energies. This is a great no-contact therapeutic remedy that improves mental wellness and strengthens the mind.


Laughter Therapy:

Based on Theme “Fake it Until you Make it” Manage stress, anxiety and bring a sense of wellbeing within yourself with our Laughter Therapy Sessions. These sessions include Laughter Yoga, Dance Yoga, and many other activities that fill the individuals with joy and happiness.


Solis Wellness Retreats:

In this category, we work on the overall development of individuals. This wellness retreat promotes holistic wellbeing, refreshes, and rejuvenates with meditation sessions conducted by the master himself, Dr. Deepak Mittal. Healing and rejuvenating activities, yoga sessions, and digital detox are also conducted in the lap of nature.

Our Coaches Are More than Just Coaches

As you take in the energy of our group workout, you’ll also get the attention and inspiration that comes from our experienced personal training coaches. They’re full of the life they promise and always pushing you forward with tough love.

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